Five Card Story: My trip to spain

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I want go to a vacation, I have many ideas of places where to go but I think I really want to visit spain. My mother told me about spain and her memories when she visited spain and has many pictures that she left me before she passed away and so i wanted to visit to see what she once saw. When I first arrived to spain I went to look around the city of Sevilla, It is beautiful and I decided to take some pictures of the places that I went to, I took a picture of this bridge because it looks exactly like a bridge I live by.I love nature and Spain really has some beautiful flowers and it's very green as I took the pictures of the flowers. As I kept walking around the city I spotted a little town ahead of me and it looked exactly like a photograph my mom had taken and it blew my mind and I instantly thought about her and I decided to visit a near by church. I went to the church and prayed for some time, just like i would in my country. That night i got to my hotel room I looked out the window and had a beautiful view of the sunset and I took a picture after thinking about my beautiful mother that is now gone.

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