Five Card Story: Cruel Place

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It was a nice cloudy day in the "hood", there was always a group of people out in the streets. That's how it always is in the small city. There was a young girl who loves to go out with her group of friends to just enjoy life everyday and not have a care in the world while being with other people.The girls name was Monica she has short hair and wasn't so girly, she enjoyed being out it didn't matter if was night or day she just loved to be out. On a Saturday night Monica went out and all her friends had a few drinks they were all so out of it and they decided to go out for a drive of course they at o=least thought about who was going to drive and that was the oldest f=person in the group. They were having the time of their lives, listening to music, taking pictures and everything. The guy that was driving decided to start speeding and was very drunk as the rest of them. Then next thing you know he lost control and got in the most horrific car crash and their were no survivors. Monica was a beautiful and smart young lady who loved to have fun and enjoy life , maybe not it the most careful way but she had a great heart and loved to see others happy, now heaven has gained anther angel.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) lesliemb (4) dwtno (5) Intrepidteacher

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