Five Card Story: Hyperbole

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During our annual vacation, we took a wrong down an extremely long road that lead to a prison. The speakers of the prison were blaring their sirens which we assumed was just a drill they were preforming, but then we saw a prisoner hitch hiking from miles away. So we sped up to get past him, that's when he jumped in front of the car and pulled out a gun! The man demanded that I get in the back seat and he drive. I complied when he said he'd shoot if I didn't move in the next three seconds. The man drove down the terrifying road ahead with a gun pointed at Janet. The road eventually ended at a house massive enough to be a mansion with tight security. The man sped past the house straight to the cemetery beyond it. We asked the man for his name and he screamed telling us to shut up or he'll kill us now. I didn't like the sound of that, so I jumped out of the car into a ditch while he was speeding at what felt like one hundred miles per hour. That's when I heard a gun shot, but he didn't shoot at me... I visit Janet's grave every month.

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