Five Card Story: Simile

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The ice cream was as cold as a Canadian winter. The chill of the ice as it hit the woman's tongue. She began to get a brain freeze. Her head felt like it had completely froze over. She couldn't think of a way to get rid of it. She started explaining her pain to her son sitting nearby. He said that when he got a brain freeze in China. His roommate told him to eat some Chinese Noodles. Her son grabbed some out of the kitchen cabinet and gave them to the woman. She eat them like a vacuum, scooping up every crumb in the container. The woman's brain freeze went away almost instantly. The woman took the noodles to her job in the city where she was a doctor. This woman had been studying the brain and told her head doctor about her experience. He said he would do testing about this. This became the place of the cure to brain freezes. The woman and her son were accredited to the discovery. They gave credit to the roommate also. The roommate was given a large amount of money for his help. He then was able to follow his dreams and become a doctor. All of the people lived happy and wealthy forever. The Chinese Noodles company also saw rapid growth in the purchasing of their products.

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flickr photo credits: (1) keepps (2) jentropy (3) whistlepunch (4) dwtno (5) directrix291

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