Five Card Story: The Escape

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I slipped on the stairs. “Idiot,” I thought, “Of all the things to do while being chased by hitmen, you slipped on the stairs”. I got right back up, no time for dilly dally, the hitmen had just come out of the apartment complex to the fire escape. I kind of half expected them to shout freeze, but these were no cops. These men were like the silenced guns they carried, precise, deadly, and quiet for good reason. No man looking to kill another would ever bring to himself the attention of others. The first one aimed his death tool at me as I descended down the fire escape, fired and missed. His gun may have been silenced, but that bullet made quite a racket. “Shouldn’t get shot at for a while now,” I thought, “I think the idiots are starting to learn something.” I kept getting closer to the ground. Round and round I went, down the fire escape, with my pursuers at a reasonable distance behind me. I found it odd that in New York, they had this apartment complex’s fire escape as a spiral stair case, rather than the ordinary stairs and ladder combination. I was on the ground. Slipped again. “This is ridiculous,” I thought, “if my luck keeps up like this, I’ll be as good as dead!” I got back up, luckily still with some distance between me and the hitmen. I ran out of the ally way, and saw what my world was at the moment. I was in one of the bad parts of the city, and at night of all things, not a sane man in sight (nor should there be at this moment and time). I scanned the area as I ran, looking for my trusty steed, and by steed, I mean a piece of junk car I piloted. I found it just about 10 yards ahead down the side walk I was running on. As I got to it, I moaned in awe of my bad fortune. Someone had decided to put a wheel lock on my front left tire, probably a police man, or someone with jurisdiction in that department. “Well,” I thought, “I wonder what death looks like.” As the hitmen ran to me, I noticed a bike on the wall of an old store. “It will do,” I thought as I hopped on. Whizz, whizz! Whizz, whizz! That’s what I heard as I turned the corner on the bike. “These guys are getting smarter by the minute!” was my only thought, as I raced down the side walk of the slums of New York. I didn’t have time to think, those guys were probably already heading for their car, which I had noticed had been about 20 yards from mine, and I had to book it like a man going on an exclusive cruise. Fast. Unfortunately after about five minutes of hard pedaling, I found a better option. There, about just a quick jog from me was a row of city scooters. Even though I was loving this evening ride on the streets of New York, my legs couldn’t last much longer. I jumped off, ran to the scooter, and started to hot wire it. I jolted. I heard the sound of the hitman’s car, just a little far off. “They must have lost me for a while,” I thought as I finished hot wiring the scooter. I reared off, laughing in the face of death, at the thought that his death angels couldn’t find me. Death didn’t quite like that though, and tipped of his slaves as to my position. “Ah, son of a biscuit!” I verbally uttered, as I saw the car start to turn. I was now on the skirts of the down town area, though still no soul in sight. “There must be some sort of gathering” I thought. The car was now starting to gain on me quite like a cheetah gaining on a limping gazelle. I started looking for options. I turned on the street, and found a sort of tunnel, not enough room for a car, but I could make it work with my pathetic little scooter. It seem to be a type of garage, though I can’t think of a logical reason for it. I turned in, and strangely, two kids were playing. I shook off my bewilderment and drove on. After that, there was no sign of the hitmen, and I had successfully escaped death’s grasp.

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