Five Card Story: How the World Works

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When you enter this world you are welcomed with open arms, and loving praise. You aren't even mature enough to realize what is going on through your tiny little brain. But soon you grow soon you actually develop thoughts, and words. You go to school, and you are taught all types of different, and complicated subjects, but eventually you learn the most complex subject of all love. When your young you learn what love is from them. They are your first and true teachers the ones who are supposed to get prepared for world, and among many of lessons they'll teach you is love what it is to be loved and how to express it. For a long time the lesson is merely a observation, you watch, and you see they truly love one another, they care, and have a genuine affection for one another. They show you that the world is hopeful and warm and welcoming. Then you hit your teenage years and you become a hormonal monster, but among the hormones, among the rebellion you also develop a sense of clarity. You see that the little jokes they made at one another were actually insults meant to hurt the other, the loud noises that you heard from your bed at night was not the TV but actually yelling from their room. You see he wasn't actually working late, but was at a bar mingling with the fellow patrons.You finally begin to see the cracks, oh my how clear they become, you see that the love that bound them together was actually forced, and fictional. As the cracks become clearer they also grow bigger,and bigger. The screaming becomes louder, the insults become more frequent, and often, the nights at bar happen more, and more. You truly see how unhappy the two people you thought embodied the idea of love, in all reality despise one another. The, you begin to think, were they only enduring one another to keep me happy, did I unknowingly force them to stay together because they wanted to keep me happy? Then the fight gets so boiled, so heated that one of them just up, and leaves. There are discussions, talks about your feelings, your emotions, then there are the papers. Its over there love is officially gone, you think I was what held them together was not strong enough to hold them to one another? Then you see both of them at different times separate houses they ask about one another, only to make snark comments about the information you offer. Its then that you finally realize the biggest lesson they were unknowingly teaching you, the world is cold with spots of warm here, and there, but they generally get over shadowed, love is difficult, its sacred, if you actually achieve it with someone else work at it because it can slip away in a instant. Then they show how the world really works.

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