Five Card Story: broke

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my name is Rain montgomery, i am from Brownstown PA. 2/23/20 is the last day i was happy, but on the 24th is when it all happend.

As i was walking down the street right by my sister fraya we seen what others have seen before us. We seen what we now call Broke. The broke are zombies, but me and my sister like to thank of them as the broken or broke. "fraya i need you to hop on my back right now" Rain said as she made i contact with her sister. fraya began to climb upon rain. " Rain is that a broken one" fraya said as she looked ahead. "yeah" rain whisperd. rain pulled out her gun out of her boot. Boom. rain had shot the broken in the head. Hours after killing that one broken one it started to get dark out, so rain had spotted a church, rain let fraya down. " okay fraya your gonna wait out here why i go in, if you see a broken i want you to scream my name" rain said as she was walking to the church. rain began to walk in the church, rain checked every room in the church, as what she seen the church was safe. rain walked out side to get her sister."fraya come on its safe" rain said as she grabbed frayas hand, " no brokens" fraya said as she looked up at rain. " no brokens" rain said as she looked down at fraya with a smile. rain and fraya walk in the church and closed the door behind them and found a place to sleep on a nice couch in a room. rain began to fall asleep.morning came and rain woke up. rain woke up to find her sister missing " FRAYA...FRAYA..FRAYA" rain screamed as she ran around the church. she finally found her, looking at a picture on the wall, " oh fraya you scared me i thought somthing happend to you" rain walked to her sister. rain got to fraya to find out her sister was bit by a broken and had turned. rain began to cry, and ran away, and out of the building. as rain looked at the church in front of her she had spotted a rope, rain grabbed the rope and ran inside to find her sister still staring at the picture, rain began to realize that the picture was one of frayas favorite pictures, rain looked at her little sister in a a white dress and put it around her sister. its been weeks maybe even months since she seen that church, she still had her sister right next to her. rain walked through a old corn field that was free of any and all brokens beside her sister, when ever rain would fall asleep in her dream she would see the church and a fence, she never knew why she would see the fence,until she came across it.The fence was the

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