Five Card Story: Veterans jail

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I was driving on highway 6 when I came up to a mob of people and a sign that read ROAD CLOSED. I hopped out of my car to see what the commotion was about. The e re was a bunch of older people wearing uniforms and then it hit me. I fell when I got hit and looked to see what hit me. It was a rock that had Veterans Day spray painted on it. I looked at the sky and the clouds were in a wierd wavy shape. I blinked my eyes twice and it was gone. I sat down to help my body feel better.
" Watcha doing?" A voice said. I quickly glanced to see who it was.
" Who are you?" I asked.
" I'm a Veteran. I'm not wearing my uniform because it got lost in the war."
We had a full conversation and turns out, his name is Dylan Brockherson, he was in the Veitnam war, and he lost a leg. He told me someone stole his car so I offered him a ride. As we got to my black sports car I notices there has bird poor on it. I groaned.
" Well after I drop you off I have to get a can wash."
"Thats if you'll make it home." He said. Huh?
" Mrs. Dyers, your under arrest for stealing and vandalism. This car is not yours." He said handcuffing me. I didn't struggle because I don't fight the truth.

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