Five Card Story: The Small Family

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A small family of four lives in a house grey house on the mountainside. Linda, Jeff, Harold, and their mother Martha are all happy with their home. They want to cut down expenses by making their own garden. They have tried to grow their own food but unfortunately, they have only grown a dearth. All that will grow in their meager soil is the beautiful flowers that surround the house. With that, they do not have enough to feed the entire family from their own garden. This forces them to go to the local market in a small town about three miles from their home. In fact, where their house sits on the mountain side they can see the market. The only way the children can go and explore is if Martha knows where they are going and knows when to expect them back. Linda convinces her that they will just go to the market and be right back. On the kids way there they decided to make a pit stop in a patch of trees at the bottom of the mountain. Little did they know the nomenclature of the land. They spent a little too long in there and found an old tree house. On their way up they heard a creek in the wood. Jeff fell thirty feet abruptly. Linda and Harold yell for help as they don't know how to get him to stop bleeding from the head. They run out of the trees and spot an old man with a dog. The dog wasn't much of a rescue dog but in that moment, he was just what Jeff needed. The kids placed Jeff on the dog and with the help of them holding his legs up the dog shuttled Jeff back up to the house. After their long journey back they had a hard time telling their mother what really happened. She grounded them for lying and getting Jeff hurt. She thanked the man who brought them back. She sat around with Jeff and told Linda and Harold to go back to the market and get the fruits and vegetables and this time no funny business. That evening the mom took those vegetables and made an amazing stew for Jeff. Even though they got grounded the children were just happy that Jeff was okay and they had a yummy home cooked meal.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) hummingcrow (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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