Five Card Story: No need for shoes anymore.

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Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in a busy American city. Life moved very fast and one might have thought it was an exciting place to live, but it could be a bit overwhelming. There were loud noises, screeching car tyres and hooting horns, and sometimes you have to really run from one side of the street to the other side to avoid being hit by a speeding car. In some ways, it was rather a colourless place to live.
And there was a woman who lived in this city. She was called Andrea and she worked as a shoe repair assistant working hard to repair the soles of the shoes of all the people who hurried through the city streets from dawn till dusk. And she was exhausted and she did not have much money and her own shoes were worn thin. When she got home in the evening, she just wanted to drink a hot chocolate and sink into the deep armchair and read a novel and forget all about living in the big city.
One day she saw a sign in the window of a shop which said.”Are you tired, bored and lacking colour?” And she thought that she was. And then she saw a little note at the bottom saying “For only 50 cents... the price of a postage stamp, you can change all of that! Drop us a line at “The Daily Create’ and we will help you change everything!” and so she figured she had little to lose and she wrote to them. She put her work address on the back in case things turned pear shaped!
It was only two days later when she found herself standing on a magical man hole cover and it was as if the world stood still, and she was bathed in warm air, and soft music and sweet sounds, and looking down she saw, lying on the pavement, an aeroplane ticket! It was for the very next day which seemed amazing. And even more amazing, it had HER name on the ticket and the plane ticket was a oneway flight to her childhood city in Argentina. She ran home, packed her bags, gave the armchair to her neighbour, gave her food to the solo Mum next door and told the shoe repair man that she was leaving work. She hitchhiked to the airport and caught that plane.
A week later the shoe repair man received a postcard, covered in colourful flowers and a sign that said ‘Greetings from home’. Andrea told her old boss in the city that she was taking care of her elderly aunt, and had a garden to care for and that the weather was so warm and balmy that she no longer wore shoes.

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flickr photo credits: (1) jaybiz246 (2) chickadeeacres (3) cogdogblog (4) heymsparker (5) Michael Branson Smith

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