Five Card Story: Smoke and Ash

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In the beginning, there were only rumours. Whispers in the night of "the sickness." Dark stories that mothers and fathers told their children, and campers told around the fire. They rose out of the smoke and ash, and became the new bogeymen.

As the story goes, it began with nightmares. Seeds of discontent that were sewn in the the darkest of night. They played with your mind, and held you in their warm flesh eating embrace. When you woke, you remembered everything...The violence, the terror in the eyes of your victims, and the feeling of flesh between your teeth.

Visits to the Chinese herbalists increased. Western medicine had no cure. They prescribed incense and no one believed. They could not see, with their western minds, how smoke could ward off the spirits of evil. But it wasn't just smoke. It was sage, and milk thistle, and the myrrh. They have been used for a Millenia to heal the mind, and keep out the darkness. However, as humanity became more civilized, they forgot the old ways, and stopped believing.

The western world did not believe and more fell pray to the sickness, and as it spread so did the bodies to be burned. An attempt to isolate the disease. The same approach used to stop the contamination the first time, the black death, it was called back then. Though, they didn't fully understand it then. They were scared, and ignorant, and it seems, as we are now.

The streets were left abandoned. Citizens too scared to leave their houses. Afraid of becoming the next victim. Losing all control of their minds and the faculties they would once have. The rest of the world looked on it horror. Many blamed them for their greed, and hunger for power, as the key to their own destruction, while others prayed that their would be survivors.

It has been years since the outbreak, and now, the worlds most powerful country has been left a shell of its former glory. Nothing but cities of smoke and ash.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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