Five Card Story: The Creepy Man on the Street 6

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a Five Card Flickr story by CREEPY CAROL IN DA HOUSE created Oct 11 2016, 06:54:08 pm. Create a new one!

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I was running and running until i fell.I fell on volcanic like dirt objects.My hands were covered in blood, but not regular blood it was black.I suddenly passed out from all the blood loss.I found myself in a cementary.It was out in the woods, by an old church.I ran inside the church but then the doors slammed shut and i ran.I knew who shut the doors, it was the creep man.I ran but my eyes became blurry and i ran into and tree.I sat there but then behind me came the creepy man.I got up and ran as fast as i could.I ran and ran but my legs were giving out on me.I then saw that he was gone but behind me was a person in a cloak.He seemed real, unlike the other people i saw.Everyone except this guy seemed fake, but he felt real.I said to him,"Who are you?" He spoke back,"i am Matthew Isa."I said to him,"i am Carolyne Dragneel."I was so scared that he was just a demon summoned by the creepy man.He seemed so real but i wasn't sure if he was human.I ran up to him and hugged him.I didn't know what came over me.I just was so happy to see another person.Then i felt the presence of the creepy man.He came up behind and grabbed me.Matthew tried pulling me away but i didn't work in time.I was teleported with the creepy man.

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