Five Card Story: We All Have Something To Say

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Leaving the safety of her apartment at 1543 Elm Street, Bonnie bounced down the stairs. She'd done everything with a spring in her step recently. Everything seemed to be going her way. Bonnie righted her bike and headed north on Elm. Shylow and Ginger, the neighbors cats were awakening after a good night's sleep atop the hood of the car. The slowly disappearing heat of the engine beneath kept the kittens warm from the cold. "What a lovely day!" thought Bonnie. She passed red roses that grew beside a concrete wall, which reminded her of Tupac's Poem - The Rose that Grew from Concrete. "Oh no!" thought Bonnie. She had forgotten to do her homework. Mr. Neidlem had assigned all students to interpret the Tupac poem, but with the busy evening of babysitting her baby brother while her mom worked the night shift, Bonnie had forgotten to do her assignment. Learning up against the graffiti wall that embraced the alley to her school, Bonnie wondered if Tupac ever felt such dismay at finding the right words to express his thoughts. How could she explain to her teacher that she had not completed her assignment without sounding like a careless student?

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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