Five Card Story: The Boy and the Dog

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Once upon a time there was a boy that lived in the woods because he was a orphan. One day when he went out looking for food he saw a plane flying throught the sky, and he thought it was very incredible since had never seen a plane before. He followed the plane the best he could until eventually he got to a school. Since it was on a saturday he there was nobody there so he walked right in an kept walking through the big long hallway. this too amazed him because he had never been in a school. At the end of the hallway there was a exit so he walked through it into a alleyway this big brick walls. He found some graffiti on one of the walls and on the wall is said "Fact". So from what he remembered of reading children's books as a young kid he said "Fact", to himself over and over again until he attracted the attention of a stray dog. The boy saw the dog and immediately thought that they were going to be best friends, and the feeling for the dog was mutual. So th boy named the dog fact because that was the word floating in his head at the moment. The boy and the dog walked back into the woods where they lived their lives together as best friends.

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