Five Card Story: James Bristol

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James Bristol was 26 and had a solid life. He had a good job, would be getting married soon, and had a nice apartment. Until now. His boss had told him to pack up his stuff, he wasn't needed anymore. The company had been "downsizing". He was mad, but at least he still had his soon to be wife, Rebecca. At dinner that night, he told her what had happened. Instead of being understanding like he thought she would be, she started at him a long time and then told him that she thought they should break up, and call off the wedding. She said that she needed to marry someone who she knew that they would have a stable home, and stable life. She packed up her stuff, and said she would go to her mother's house for a while. James was mad, but he understood why she was doing what she was doing. He drove for a long time, and then he wound up at the beach. He waded into the water, thinking it would clear his mind. It didn't. He then felt a stinging pain in his foot. He ran out of the water, his foot aching. A bump came up, and he realized a jellyfish had stung him. He went to a pharmacy nearby, just to make sure everything was okay.He got some cream for it, and drove home. He slept all night. That morning, he went to the gun range and shot for a long time, trying to get everything that had happened off of his mind. After he left, he realized he still had his ring on. He threw it in a sewer. He had to get his life back on track. He saw that their was a job opening at the R&L Law Company. He went inside. "Hi, I'm James Bristol.".

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