Five Card Story: Far from the Hometown

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I slowly walked down the road, hoping I didn't look suspicious. The sky almost looked gray with tonight's unusual lighting. I loved it, though. Every bit of it. This place was nothing like my hometown. Everything was gray, and not the photo worthy kind like this was. I wished I could just stop time, and sit here for as long as I wanted.

I heard a branch violently snap behind me. Without looking, I immediately began to sprint down the road, not stopping until I could barely breathe. When I finally found a safe spot, I relaxed and took in my surroundings. The lighting wasn't as gray, but it was still unusually beautiful. Most of the flowers were already beginning to bloom, which surprised me since it was still so early into the year. I could gaze at them for hours, not even move an inch. I squatted down to get a closer view of the flowers, enchanted by their unique beauty. I realized that I've never seen a flower like this before. It didn't really surprise me, though, considering that I've been stuck in my hometown all my life, which had little to no real plant life. I felt a strong whisp of wind brush by me, causing goosebumps to rise on my neck and arms. The wind continued to blow, which confused me since all the plants and trees weren't moving an inch. I decided to continue on, as someone could be following me. I stood up all the way, straightening my back and clenching my fists. I looked all around me, making sure whoever was here wasn't in plain sight. Nothing. I began to jog down until I was about five blocks from where I was before. I ran into and alley, frantically looking for an escape. I spotted a door that was at the end of the alleyway and immediately sprinted towards it. I was met with a locked door with no lock to be picked. I shrugged, hoping to not regret my next decision. I tightly gripped the door handle with my right hand. I breathed in, focusing all my energy on that door handle. Suddenly, the door handle evaporated into thin air. I pushed the doors open and ran into the pitch black room, not really caring about what could be in there. I slid my flashlight out from my pocket and clicked it on. I looked around the room, trying to find something to barricade the doors with.

My eyes immediately stopped when I saw it. I took a step closer, unsure whether my eyes were deceiving me. It was a flower. A literal flower, which seemed to have managed to break through the wooden floor boards and continue to grow. It was the most mystifying and spectacular thing I've ever seen. I couldn't possibly think of anything more perfect than this. Just like the flowers before, I had never seen this before. It probably seems like I'm overreacting about all these things, but never in my life had I seen things like these before. My thoughts were cut off by the sound of something banging against the door. I rushed to the double doors, placing my hands on the small gab between the two doors. It felt like everything froze around me as I focused all my energy on my hands on the gap. My hands began to heat up. The temperature kept increasing and increasing until it felt like my hands could melt. I felt no pain, however, as I was physically unable too. I could feel extreme temperatures, sharp things against my skin, open wounds, and just about anything a normal human could, but nothing has ever caused me actual pain. I watched as the gap began to disappear as I kept my hands on the doors. Soon enough, the gap had vanished. I have melted the two doors together. The banging continued for another couple of minutes. When it suddenly stopped, I heard muffled voices, followed by footsteps. I finally relaxed when I could no longer hear anything coming from the outside.

I turned around, now facing away from the doors. I closed my eyes and thought of light. A whole lot of it. Suddenly, the lights all turned on in the room. I smiled. They were constantly filling my bloodstream with harmful drugs to keep my abilities at bay. But with every time I use my abilities, my energy returns. I get a little stronger. And my will to live thrives. I took in my surroundings. There was a circle of chairs with small tables attached to them. Nothing was ever this colorful and bright in my Hometown. It was strange, seeing everything looking so happy and cheerful. I suddenly felt a jolt in my stomach. I had completely forgotten about the chip. I closed my eyes and imagined someplace far away from here. I could feel my energy draining with every second of me using my abilities.

When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by nothing but tall green grass. There seemed to be a forest of some kind in the distance, along with another small building. I prayed that they didn't have troops up in this area. I honestly had no idea where I was myself. I suddenly felt something small yet sharp get stabbed into my arm. I try to turn around to see what hit me in the arm, but I immediately lose all feeling in my legs and fall over. It was a paralysis drug. I knew they weren't gonna drag me back to my Hometown this time. I was too weak to survive the trip.

Well, at least I'd die here, instead of in my Hometown.

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