Five Card Story: Hope

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As I walked to see the the depressing graves of my family one last time before I left this terrible town for good, I thought of all the memories I still have of my family. Good and bad I wonder if in five, ten, twenty years if I will still remember them. One memory is where my little sister Alexa and my dad are at the small park in our neighbourhood. We were having a picnick by the beautiful garden in the park, when my dad suddenly threw Alexa on his back. I wonder if I will remember the little details like what they sound like. I have to go now or else I know I never will. I walked passed our blue flowered fence that surrounded our red brick house. Looking at the bricked path of my drivway I know that I won't regret my choice to leave. So I walked through my beautiful neighbourhood, tears streaming down my face as I think about all the happy memories gone sad and can't help but hope they will be happy once more in time. Hope that I will remember them as if they never left. Hope that they don't leave me completely because they have a special place in my heart. I got in the car, didn't look back and never returned to that sad miserable town.

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