Five Card Story: Illumination

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Isn't it funny, how the light plays tricks on your eyes? Or the way your eyes work in general. I don't think we think about that enough- about the tiny, complicated miracles that go into sight.

I don't remember much from science class, but I think the reason we see colors is because the light reflects off of different surfaces in different ways, and that reflection is how we see the colors. So, if there was no light, or no reflection, we wouldn't be able to see at all. There is so much room for error in this system, which seems to be held together by the thinnest, most fragile thread.

I can't quite grasp it-- the concept seems to be right in front of me, like the light itself, but it's suddenly whisked away in the next instant, in the glimmering of an eye. I reach my hand out, as if to hold it, but I clasp nothing.

Sometimes it's in the background, subtly illuminating another thing, another idea, acting as the stage for another item's moment of glory. But we would not see the bell, if not for the light behind it. Or, we would focus on the light and lost sight of the bell. Our eyes can only do so much.

Sometimes the light is free and natural, shining down to reveal the world in its full and elegant beauty. It is then that we see the natural art in creation. Randomly wild, but beautifully planned.

Sometimes the light shines but is rejected and refracted, and yet we still marvel as it yet manages to make rejecting beautiful. It is not deterred.

And sometimes, it's a subtle glow, securely housed, but shedding itself upon the surrounding area, gently warm, or eerily cold. A replication of the natural, but appropriately contained.

Beautiful, nonetheless.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Dogtrax (2) cogdogblog (3) GMulligan (4) cogdogblog (5) Dogtrax

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