Five Card Story: why i hate my neighbors

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a Five Card Flickr story by josh.farrell created Feb 23 2017, 08:51:43 pm. Create a new one!

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It all started like normal day with my grandma falling down the stairs to wake us up because she always fell and it would a waist to buy an lamrm clock when grandma woke us up at the right time after she fell down i helped her up and across the dtreet she saw her crazy neighbor susahn she had a cat that would always try to scratch me every time i went near it my grandma flipped off susahn and she wasent too happy to see my smug face whe she came to the door with her old pathetic husban he was always trying to help susahn but he was too nice and he wouldent hurt a fly so once i opend the door there was no hello there was just an angrey 200 ound old lady bursting throught the door my grandma came down with a baseball bat and she knocked her down the stairs susahns husband dragged her off and went to the hospital i went to see her but before i got into her room i heard the chatting of a groupe of boys and as i slowly opend the door i heard the words graffiti and now so i walked in she almost jumped out of the bed ad all the kids scatterd away all i said was i hope you get well soon as i leaned to try to giver her a hug she spit right in my face so i went home trying not to burst when i got home i saw graffiti on the wall and then thant when i have had enoufe so i decied to put plastic wrap on all the tolits and sinks and switch the sugar with salt and made it so when you flush the water goes up instaed of down and i died the cat a bright pink then shaved it

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