Five Card Story: Saving Heart

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It was a rainy Sunday morning. The sky blue clouds became dark and the colorful flowers had been drenched in water. The sound of the rain was addicting. It was pleasing my ear with a beautiful sound which i don't know why but it reminds me of my sorrows. I stare outside the window watching different types of people walk by. Some seems irritated about the rain, some however enjoys it. I stay there for a few hours , calming the inner bitterness of life inside of me but depression started to hit again.

I am a risk taker. I take every risk i can for the people around me, to make them happy. But i always end up being the hurt and unhappy one. I always ask my self "why?" "why do i need to suffer like this?" and until now i don't know the answer. Those memories of being a complete failure kills the inside of me. It cuts me to pieces until i cant feel anything anymore.

I calm myself again. Stopping the bad thoughts around me by thinking only the happy moments i had in life. Then I started to smile. The positive vibes started to come. And when I open my eyes, I saw the beautiful rainbow that was shining in the sky. It was a heartfelt moment, I cry.

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