Five Card Story: Old Man, Young Man

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It's true, you know. Beauty, wisdom, innocence, There all in the eye of the beholder. One person sees a beautiful island. Serene, inviting, a promised land. But, remember, of those 12 spies that Moses sent to view the Promised Land only 2 came back excited about this place flowing with milk and honey. The other saw giants too big to conquer.
Too "Old World" for you? Then just think about the last meeting you sat through while the speaker droned on and on about something they really thought was important. Meanwhile, you could only think of the time ticking away. Time you would use for living. I've never truly understood how speakers think what they say and say and say is of any importance in your life, your real life. Eyes of the beholder, you know.
Like a plant that is beautiful and realizes its days are numbered. Can it rest on past perfection? Does it give in to future death? Or does it exist, both living and dying? Some people live until they die. Some people are dying from their first breath of life. Perspective. Beauty.
Who is the beautiful one? The old man or the young man?
The peace of a life well lived or the promise of a life to come? Who is the lucky one?Tthe blessed one? The envied one? Wisdom of a world that is sometimes cruel or raw, honest trust in a life filled with love? Glad the journey has slowed down to a trot, or itching at the gate to begin the race?
Only you can answer these questions. There is no wrong answer, for the answer is subject to the view from your own eyes. Just a thought to consider.........

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