Five Card Story: Clean Slate

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kennedy Ayres created Sep 06 2017, 04:33:09 pm. Create a new one!

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I have had a rough life. I have had no job for the past 3 years. I live on the park bench, and my food comes from the trash can. I look for new opportunities every day to start on a clean slate. Today I feel a spark, I walk down the street looking for signs to say that my local stores are hiring. I see an Italy flag colored building that has 9 bold letters that spell NOW HIRING. "I might have a chance, this could be my new job!" I notice a run down wire fence with a pair of glasses, I grip them tightly and walk through the door. It is pitch black, there is no one to be seen. I look down to see a bright light. I shake my head and realize it's a candle. I smell a french vanilla scent and hear a thump, I follow the noise to see a room, with a man looking down. "Excuse me, sir" He looks up and I tell him my story and my many questions. I fill out some paperwork and the surprisingly nice man interviews me. "I think this went well!" I thought. I walk to my home and fall asleep in a snap. The next morning I go down to the building that I had spent my whole day at yesterday. I know it was fast but I was starting my new job today! Now I help the people that are struggling, I make change and I teach the world to do the right thing and help their surroundings. I had a clean slate and I knew other people could too.

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