Five Card Story: The Flashback

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The son had just risen and Jones was waking up in his hotel room. He was getting ready for his photo shoot and grabbed a quick breakfast, an orange. When Jones finished his orange he ran outside to get on his scooter so he could get to his photo shoot early, but when he hopped onto his scooter he realized that he didn't have his keys. So he rushed inside to get his keys and when he got on there he noticed that they were not where they usually are, in his coat pocket. Once Jones found out that he had actually lost them he started to visualize what he was doing the day before, Jones walked into his hotel the night before with his keys in his pocket in the middle of the night. Then after that he took his coat off and hung over the chair in the hotel room, and then he went to sleep. So once he visualized the flashback he ran back to his coat and checked the pocket again, he checked the first one and it was empty, after that he decided to check the other pocket, and they were there. Next he rushed to his scooter, started it up and rode to his photo shoot, he made it just in time.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Intrepidteacher (3) Serenae (4) krutscjo (5) bionicteaching

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