Five Card Story: The Farm Yard

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a Five Card Flickr story by Riley Mulvihill created Sep 12 2017, 01:04:04 pm. Create a new one!

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There once was a boy who lived a bad horrible life. His parents where dead They both died in a car wreck when h e was just three years of age. He lived with his grandma and grandpa on their farm. He didn't go to school all he did was work till one day when his grandma was out getting food and he was inside and this massive thundering sound approached them. The grandpa yelled we have something approaching us from the south west.
It was completely black outside. The grandpa was outside looking for his wife But she as gone as he kept yelling her name they heard this roaring sound from above the kid was inside shaking from being so scared and nervous on what was gonna happen. He went down to the cellar and stayed down there until the roaring had passed. Then he got out of the cellar to see the farm houses were completely leveled and to go back into the house to find his grandma and grandpa weren't there.

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