Five Card Story: The Ocean's Rage

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There was a nice calm feeling to the air as his crew was on a boat they called Old Sam. The weather was nice, puffy blue clouds and a bright blue sky above his crew. The crew talked peacefully, he didn't contribute to much to the conversation though, he was to interested in the bright orange and white fish swimming in the ocean, noticing how they swam fast and gracefully. A few hours later, the sky was still bright blue, but the clouds were turning to sheets of white to gray to black. He was a bit worried but nobody else was. They should have been though, because his crew and him were now fighting massive waves, filled with rage that crashed on to each other, wrestling. Water washed on the boat and they steered every which way, fighting to not be smothered by water. Lightning was shooting through the sky carrying thunder behind it. Rain pounding on the crew, adding many other problems the crew didn't need. They were fighting the worst storm they had ever experienced on the ocean in their career. Their ship bobbed up and down as the waves started to have control on them. Out of no where a wave as big as a tsunami greeted them by crashing down on them, leaving their ship in pieces and their bodies struggling to stay on broken pieces of wood from the ship. The storm went on till it killed every one of his crew members, including himself.

Person vs. Nature.

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