Five Card Story: A day to find ture love?

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a Five Card Flickr story by Ms. Daydream created Sep 28 2017, 05:58:46 am. Create a new one!

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Hello, my name is Ms. Daydream, it is not my real name. I think it is because I like to have a daydream, therefore, people called me "Ms. Daydream". Today is a special day for me because it is the one hundred day of finding my true love. Look! The weather is wonderful today, the sky is so blue, the clouds are so soft just like cotton candy. The best candy in the world. Whatever, I put on my favorite dress, and open the door. Before I start my trip to find my true love. I turn around to look at my lovely house. A place gives me love and brings me courage. I start my day. When I walk down the street, I look at the sky, it reminds me a memory, I was five years old, our family used to live beside the beach, every day we see the sunset through the window, and we talk to each other. Even it is a boring thing. We laughed, we spend time getting together. However, we moved away, because the school is not nearby our house. The day before is stressless, if I could, I wish I could live there again. When I think of this memory, I did not notice that I walk into a suburb, an empty place, there are no people there. The weather starts getting worse. I notice that I need to turn around, then I will be safer. Strangely, when I walk back to the city, the place is more people there. The weather is sunny again, and I notice that there is a shinny boy walking to me. He is so gorgeous and adorable. He wears a sunglasses. Oh my god! He is the superstar form XXX5. all the girls are crazy for them. I cannot believe my eyes. He walks to me, says, Can I get your number? Of course. I said yes to him. We went out at the night, and we kiss on our first date. When I enjoy this romantic date, I hear a sound, wake up, it is time for school. I wake up, and I know it is just a dream. Just like my nickname"daydream".

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