Five Card Story: In My Daily Life

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a Five Card Flickr story by Julia Wen created Sep 28 2017, 10:53:29 am. Create a new one!

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I'm a mother who has two cute children. Even if I'm not a young lady anymore, it still has a young girl lives in my heart! Blowing are some daily routines that I do on the weekends to keep myself young, healthy, and happy.
When I get up in the morning, I will go to jogging with many of my friends who live near my house. We start to jogging from our house and meet together in anytime on the way. We will always play music and sing together. In most of the time, we chat about our children to each other. For me, I think, this is the best part of our conversation!
After jogging, I go home to take a shower and eat some healthy and delicious breakfast with my family. I'm very like to eat and drink cereal with hot chocolate milk. Trust me, it's very very delicious.
When we finish eating breakfast, my husband and I will take our children to play in the park until noon which is 100 miles away from our house. They always play so happily and excitedly in that park because there have lots of children playing with them.
In the afternoon, our family will drive cars to a beautiful scenic spot (Park). There have many protected wild animals that are very close to us. During this time, we walk around the Park, we talk a lot, eat a lot, and see a lot of green plants. For me, I'm very enjoying in this special "family meeting!"
After finished one-day activities, all of us are very tired. Therefore, when we arrived our warm home, we eat dinner quickly and take a quick bath. Then we fall asleep and dream a nice, sweet dream...
These are my daily routines on the weekends and I love to do them very much.

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