Five Card Story: You are my world

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a Five Card Flickr story by Vivi Chang created Sep 30 2017, 04:43:44 pm. Create a new one!

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Kenji was just a little puppy when he first met Nara. He remembered that how this little girl held him in her arms when he was cold and starved on the street. Nara brought him home and look after him for the next 3 years. They become best pale ever. They eat, sleep, and play together. But one day, Nara's parents told her that they have to move, and they can't keep Kenji anymore. Nara fought with her parents and ran into her room, crying. The next day, Nara's dad put Kenji in the car and drove to a place they had never been before. He told Kenji to sit on the ground, just like the way they play games together. " I'm sorry, but I guess you have to find a new home." Then he walked back to the car, drove away and never came back. Kenji misses Nara so much. He ran and ran and ran. All he wants is to be back to Nara again. Finally, he went back to their house, but there's no one there. Empty rooms, Empty pool, empty yard. Kenji was so sad that they really left. He went to the big lake they used to go to have picnic together. He can see Nara's shadow on the bridge. He remembered how happy they were together. He understood how much he loves Nara. To him, she gave him a home, and she means everything to him. He realized how much he loves her, and he wants to find her. He went to every place they had been to together. At last, he comes to the ice cream stand, which is their favorite place. Nara used to share ice cream with him on the bench. Suddenly, he saw a familiar person walking straight to him. It's Nara! She held him tight just like she used to do." I'm so sorry to leave you along. I had convinced mom and dad. We can be together forever!" Kenji was so happy. When they got to the new house, he saw roses growing outside the fence. They are shining, just as beautiful as Nara's smile.

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