Five Card Story: The sad story of Miles the lamb and the In and Out kitchen

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Miles the lamb was always a good lamb until one day, he decided to go on an adventure. He jumped the fence and came across a wall near the farm. He walked along this wall for quite a while wondering what was on the other side. Then he reached the end and saw stairs to a church. He decides to walk into the church. Everybody was reading the bible. His hooves made a loud sound on the cobble floor of the church alarming them to his presence. He tries to make his way back out of the church but unfortunately it was too late. One of the church goers sweeps him off his feet and carry him into a room. He is left there for a long time until finally the farmer walks in through the door. The farmer, obviously not very happy, picks up Miles and brings him into the main hall of the church. He sees someone come towards him with knife. That is all that he remembers. They slit his throat. Miles was a sacrificial lamb. Not wanting to waste the meat, they send his body on a train to the nearest city. He ends up in a market where the In and Out kitchen staff purchase the meat for their next new burger creation. They feed it to their customers, all of whom are very unaware of the fact that they are eating the flesh of a human boy, killed by a cult.

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