Five Card Story: A Day of Hiking

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We started our day earlier than I would have liked, but the guide said that it was essential that we started before the crocodiles woke up. He brought us down to our reed boat that we payed quite a bit of money for. The fairy man was already waiting for us with a big smile on his face. He started the engine which was a giant fan that was really loud. We had to wear ear plugs because it was that loud. We boated down a little creek where there was lots of wild life. The good thing was that there was no crocodiles like the guide had said. We saw so many new creatures. one was a turtle much like the painted turtles we see in Canada. We even got to hold it. It took us a good hour to get to the trail that we wanted to hike. The North Bank Trail eventually stared us in the face. What's unique about this trail is that it was discovered and created by two North Americans. That's the only reason why the beach to the left of the trail is called Texas beach. We started out on our three hour long hike. The guide would be waiting for us at the end of the hike which he said lead to civilization much like we had at home. When we arrived at the town three hours later the guide was waiting for us once again. It was starting to get dark out because of the time zone we are in. It felt like the shortest day during winter in Canada. We drove around town because we did so much walking already and were tired. Our final destination was the Texas beach which was much like beaches back at home. Luckily the beach had a road to drive in because we didn't want to walk all the way back and in the dark. When we arrived at the beach we watched to the sun set into the water. We could just were the creek we boated down exited into the lake.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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