Five Card Story: Cluck rogers, a changed rooster

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It was an extraordinary Sunday morning, the sun was shining the birds were chirping, and the Rooster was going to church. Cluck Rogers an ex-supersoldier, lived in a second story penthouse. He was living in Italy, afraid he was going to be assassinated by the K.G.B.. He was living off-grid, no phone, no credit card, no witnesses. He was a wanted rooster in 25 countries, all for work he did for the C.I.A. and his home country America. He was betrayed by the American's on one fateful summer day. His wife Henrietta was kidnapped by the organization he vowed to stop... KFC. Colonel Sanders knew he was one of the best agents the C.I.A. had, so he took what mattered to him most, his wife. The colonel had hated the C.I.A. because they shut down KFC's vast network of illegal chicken transportation of trains due to health violations. All that is over now, Cluck Rogers a changed rooster.Now he is a simple rooster and works at a church as the janitor. He wonders to himself, "Do these people know the things I have done, or does anyone even care anymore?"

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