Five Card Story: life as a rebel

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I walked down the beaten cement road from my house onto the dirt pathway. it just finished raining and the air smelled like pine and soil as I walked. Houses came in my sight as I continued walking, I smiled as I saw my friend's house approach my view as i walked past. his black and white cat staring at me through the front barred window. My smile quickly faded as a hurtful reminder flooded into my mind but I pushed on heading to where my destination was. I walked for a little while longer until I stepped on something, as I looked down a piece of paper was underneath my red shoes. I bent down and picked up the paper, folding it over I see it was one of the resistance posters I was holding. More memories flashed before my eyes, startling me before I couldn't hold that paper anymore. I still pushed on leaving that awful piece of paper behind gladly. I continued walking when a familiar building came into my view. It was my destination. A sigh of relief flooded over me as I walked faster to the building. It was a memorial building,it's walls clay colored standing tall and proud as I walked in. I unzipped my jacket and pulled out some white flowers. My grandmother's favorite color of flower. As I walked to her memorial spot in the back of the memorial building I placed her flowers down. I was alone, a war did this to me. War killed my grandmother, war killed my friend on the end of the block, war is the reason this memorial building was made. As I stood up and walked slowly outside. I looked down at my deserted town, seeing the still beautiful river and the trees that were slowly swaying in the breeze. I am a rebel, forced to fight in a war I did not ask to fight in. But this is my home, and by god I will defend it.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) Rachel Smith

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