Five Card Story: the Little horror on Plum st.

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it was 6 in the evening and it was just breaking dusk when i walked myself over reluctantly to a relative's house.the path traveled once before all the sights were familiar to me. Half the bush potholes in the ruined asphalt and dirt road still in place waiting for a victim.I arrived at the aforementioned abode on the familiar Plum street, yet something was off. the air was powerful, and clear. It left me breathless as I opened the door to a scene of complexity.the house had seemed broken down with signs from what appeared as years of use and beating weather. as i walked in i was immediately locked in and was forced to investigate further. i eventually through the upstairs discovered that somehow they got a fire escape thought the master bedroom window. as soon as i left the room however a mysterious wind had knocked me down and i lost conciseness , at least i think. When I woke i was at the start of plum street, however the sign was twisted the sky was darker and everything was twisting and melding. there were weeds that grasped at my legs and all i could do is run. It didn't work our to my dismay and i was knocked out again. this time awakening to being what appeared to be 18th century London. I was completely disjointed and could barely stand. Yet i Dragged myself into a nearby park with a lake in an attempt to end the madness with a voice in my head calling out to me"its not your time yet".

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