Five Card Story: alone

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a Five Card Flickr story by relly? created Oct 26 2017, 09:00:41 pm. Create a new one!

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once a cold night I was going home until some mean bullys came out what was I supost to do so I stode there in FEAR its was around 6:34 so it was pretty dark for me and I never been smash up well walking home well when I get home my mum yells at me cause I was around 23mins late my mum graves the jug cord yup abuse that's what I get im pretty use to it tho well that's what happened to me that's what starting my depression at school theres a kinda shaded place and no one gose there cause its white with a little bit of rust but I guess that's my spot that was just the beginning of people bulling me people would say im not something to be dweld on so I gave pain to me cuts but we should all feel happy no ones perfect in this world we choose to be like this oh im just young im 13 but everyday before I go to home/death I got to this place where lots of flowers are around but theres this one flower that stands out to them all its orange dark green stork about a week latter I was walking to go to my HAPPY place but those bullies were stalking me I didn't known I had a gut feeling when I got there they jumped out a destroyed everything as tears started dripping down as they smashed me bleeding from every cut I consumed but I keep going like a soldier with a battle wound as I went to collage things just cant get any worse people made front of me but I made a really good friend my best friend we did nearly everything with her now i wasn't really depressed as I use to she holds the key to my happiness but maybe the start of the last term she needed to move looks like I'm back to the old times agin normally i would get something good but after a little bit its gone drugs became in my life but our parents said drugs will stuff up your life well my parents never said that to me they don't really care what i do only if i be late like come on i stole i really good phone the Samsung 7+ i played a bunch oh games after two weeks ditching class to play games my eyes sight was really good i needed to go and get new lungs and i stole the glasses easy well now ive got no family no school living on the streets and realised i could of gotten somewhere with my sport but i ruined it with drugs ditching now im only a hood rat daymn i wish i could go back now its to late they played me like tic tak toe

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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