Five Card Story: The Horrible Death

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There was a young boy who lived near a river in Kentucky named Mark Denbrough. Mark was very troubled and didn't go to school due to being kicked out of every school he went to. Mark's parents didn't know what they should do about it, so they just kept him at home. Mark had a nice life living out with his parents, he sure enjoyed it more than school. Even though Mark was troubled in school he was a good kid at home. One day Mark, his father, and his grandfather went on a hunting trip in a forest. They all enjoyed hunting a lot and found it peaceful. They were walking along the trail in the forest when they heard movement inside of the bushes. They though nothing of it at first, due to it being a forest it could've been a deer or some other animal. They continued walking down the trail when Mark could've sworn he had saw a face by a tree staring at him. Mark let it go because he didn't have much sleep last night and he thought his eyes were just playing tricks on him. As they continued walking down the trail Mark saw the face yet again, and this time he was sure it was real, and this time he got a good look at the face. He wished he hadn't have looked because it was enough to make him double down and puke. They face looked like it had all of the hair stripped off of it's head and the man didn't even have skin or a nose, all there was, was just a nose socket and eyes ready to fall out of their sockets. Mark wanted to puke. Mark told his grandfather and his father about the man and they didn't believe him. Mark continued walking down the trail very weary. Mark all the sudden heard rustling from the tree above. Mark looked up at the tree and saw the same man- if you could even call the being a man. Mark then yelled "LOOK UP!". Mark's grandfather and his father were frozen with fear. Mark had to do something. Mark then got his rifle out and began to back up farther due to that the thing was making its way toward him. Mark finally took aim and shot it right in the head. The shot did nothing. Mark's only choice was to run so he ran. Mark's foot then got caught in a bush and he began tumbling down. Mark eventually stopped and fell into a creek. Mark sat there for a minute at the water to regain his footing. Mark then began to run all the way home because he knew the way very well. Mark got home and ran to his room, locked every single door boarded up all the windows very well, as well as boarded up the doors, and closed all the blinds. Mark then collapsed

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