Five Card Story: Chairs of Love

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Sam met Delilah in elementary school. He was in the bluebird reading group and Delilah was in the yellow chickadee reading group.

Although in different groups, their tables were next to each other, and Delilah's chair was right across the aisle. He would sometimes daydream of holding her hand instead of reading his assigned book. No wonder he was in the bluebird group.

Being shy, he never talked to Delilah; he just watched her from a distance. Then one special day after pining for Delilah for five years, the county fair came to town, and Sam gained the courage to ask Delilah to go on a ride with him.

"Delilah," he said, "would you like to ride the ferris wheel with me?"

A bright smile spread across Delilah face, and she said, "I wondered if you would ever get the courage to talk to me. We've known each other since the fourth grade."

Delilah had had a crush on the handsome dark eyed boy for years. She loved the way he would brush the unruly brown hair away from his face whenever he was restless or aggravated. On several occasions she had thought of talking to him, maybe asking him to go to a school event, but she never did. She waited and waited, hoping he would like her as much as she liked him.

The ride was magical, and the young couple became inseparable. After school, they often went to each other's houses to study or spend time together. There other favorite place to spend time was on the rocks at the seashore near their homes. Growing up on the coast of North Carolina was wonderful, and the two spent long hours looking out to sea and dreaming of the future.

Little did they know, but that future would be filled with love, children and grandchildren. The childhood sweethearts spent 58 loving years married to each other until on a fateful night in July, Sam had a massive heart attack. With a broken heart, Delilah lay down next to his grave and drifted off to heaven to once again be reunited with her true love.

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