Five Card Story: The Shack

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First thing is Mack (the main character in the story gets an envelope that is unlabeled saying its been a while, ill be at the shack if you want to come by. Mack slips and falls on some ice and gets angry because this is all reminding him of how his daughter Missy disappearing.

Next Mack tells us how Missy was kidnapped while they went camping.Mack saw his son and his other daughter struggling to swim at the lake so he went to save them and he came back and Missy was gone. The police open an investigation and say it was the little lady killer.

Then they find the "Shack" in the middle of the woods and Mack comes to id some clothing and it was Missy's dress all boody

Mack now coming out of his memory goes to this shack. Gets angry and destroys all the furniture. As he is leaving the weather spontaneously changes and melts all the snow and the sun is out and its beautiful. He turns around and sees a colored lady and they talk for a while about whats happening.

Lastly, Jesus appears before mack and talks to him saying that he had the letter sent so he could help heal Macks wounds with his daughter that was killed.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) tuchodi (5) Serenae

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