Five Card Story: My PD Experience

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My PD experience begins a long time ago when I had to decide what to present. There are so many choices and so many ways that I could go. In the end, my partner and I chose a path and developed a PD on vocabulary.

As we researched the topic we found numerous ideas on how to teach vocabulary and the various types of vocabulary. The task soon seemed daunting, but we prevented ourselves from being corralled and we kept our minds open to new ideas. We soon organized the information into vocabulary tiers, teaching tier II words, and how to teach tier III word in the classroom.

What we found was that identifying the terms and teaching the vocabulary a certain way brought new life to a unit. The terms were like flowers on a tree and they made the unit seem more lively and completed a students understanding.

During the presentation, we ended up short on time and we found ourselves running around like wild chickens to get it complete. If we had more time, we would have had the participants spend some time collaborating and practicing using the vocabulary. Our feedback told us that we should allow more peer collaboration.

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