Five Card Story: The Fire Hydrant

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There was once a old man named John that lived near the coast and was a pretty experienced driver. He owned a nice red car and had a House on the beach. He had grandchildren that would always come to visit him and his wive Gertrude one week every summer. One winter though the weather was terrible as John was driving back home from his job as a veterinarian with his wife who worked at the same clinic. This storm had caused so many of the roads to be out of use that he couldn't use the highway. Instead he too the suburbs to get home witch is something he never normally did and his wife knew that. Not too concerned Gertrude and John decided that it would just be faster to drive through the suburb to get home due to how crowded the highway was.The roads were plowed just enough for the car to be able to handle driving on it but it was difficult to judge where the road was due to the fact the snow was up to the curb everywhere. While driving John looked away from the road for a second where he didn't realize there was a fire hydrant. John ended up accidentally driving into this fire hydrant and caused his car to get massively damaged and for him to get injured. He didn't realize this right away but his wife had met a sad fate of getting impaled since the hydrant was on his side of the road. The police and ambulance arrived shortly after the incident since a nearby family had called. Gertrude had a nice funeral and all of there children and grandchildren came to the funeral after the storm subsided so that they could give her the funeral that she deserved. John has never driven through the suburbs on his way home from work ever since.

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