Five Card Story: Longing

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The same thing every day. Loading, unloading, loading, unloading.

Bob's view was the same every day, save for the differences in names, colors, sizes of the ships and the varying heights of shipping container piles. Like building blocks or Legos. He tried to make a game of it when he could. It helped to pass the time. And on occasion flashes from childhood would come flooding back.

Those walks with Dad in the back woods on cool, wet days, just after the rain would fall. Leaves of fall lying about waiting their turn to return to the soil. Sometimes a flash of color that would pop as a reminder of summer days now gone for months to come.

Those days of playing alone because Mom and Dad were at work or busy with the busyness of daily life. Life. Something Bob would come to understand much later. The images and memories so thick
that at times he felt like he could wipe them away like cobwebs.

All day, almost every day. Waiting for that moment when the whistle would blow and he could head home to the corner of Airport and Washington. Back to the his simple home. Empty of life except for himself and the spider that had moved into the corner of the bathroom where it would somehow survive with little or no prey.

Through his front window Bob could see the loading dock in the middle distance. Always there, waiting for him. Waiting for the next day. And all the while he only wanted to return to the wood. On a summer day. Long gone.

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