Five Card Story: My Cousin Pete

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Let me tell you about my cousin, Pete. I don't talk about him much but I don't really know why because we spent quite a bit of time together when we were kids. See, Pete and I weren't just cousins, we were more like buddies. Every summer we would to the beach for our family vacation and run into Pete and his family. I never thought it was weird at the time, but looking back at it now, I wonder how Pete's family always knew where we would be. As a matter of fact,one summer, we decided not to go to the beach and instead, took a road trip across the Midwest. Don't you know it, we ran into Pete and his family in the-middle-of-nowhere, Kansas! Weird.

Then, one afternoon during Christmas break I was looking through an old picture album. There was a picture of my 3rd glass class on a field trip to the pier. And there, in the picture, was Pete! I looked up at the Christmas tree and focused on a tiny teddy bear ornament. On the back was engraved...Merry Christmas, from your cousin Pete.

I guess Pete was more than just my cousin. He was also my classmate and my friend.

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