Five Card Story: the flower in my heart

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I like flowers very much. When I was in primary school, I found a small plant by the wall. I put it in my pencil box and took it home. I watered it patiently and left it in the sun before going to school the next day. But when I came home from school, it was gone. I searched for a long time, and finally went to ask my mother, she said she threw the plants as garbage, I was very sad to go downstairs to the trash can, and finally found the dying plants. My mother asked me do I like plants? not like, is very very very like! A few days later, my mother bought me books and tools about plants and lots of seeds. I was very happy. Finally, one day, I found these plants mature, I was excited to take photos and posted it on the Internet. My friend all envy I can raise flower so good, only one person, say I raise of super bad, then sent me a website. I clicked into the website and saw all kinds of amazing and beautiful flowers. I posted the photos on the website. Many people said that I did not do well . After that, I bought more books, more tools, and grew more and more strange plants. Some were not grow tall all the time, some were not prosperous at all. These were failures, and I threw them away. Until one day, the very first plant I brought back, bloomed. I took a picture and posted it on the website, and sure enough, the plant should have a bunch of flowers and I only had one. I threw away the potted flower in despair. My dream is broken, raise the most beautiful plant, and get the prize dream is broken.
After a few months, my classmate put several POTS of plants on the windowsill of the classroom, but I knew the condition of the classroom was not suitable for planting flowers, they would die. "These plants are flowering plants. Do you like flowers?" Not like it, is like it very, very, very much! "No, I don't like flowers. "

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) ARckls (5) Serenae

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