Five Card Story: The homeless man

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It was a sunny day in Los Angles there was a homlees guy living under the bridge,and the tempreature was very hot he was was starving because he haven't eanten for weeks or month also he was thirsty too,the tempreature was so hot that he have to find a cool he went on the road walke to the Mcdonal,inside the Mcdonal it was crowdeed with people when he enter Mcdonal every was staring at him and they also coverd their nose because he smelled really bad.One of the staff went up to homless guy and ask him to leave because he was making all the costomer leaving the Mcdonal, but the homless guy would want to leave so they endeed up to call the cop, when the cop arrive they ask the staff what happen affter what he heard what had happen he felt bad for the homless guy.Instead of helping the staff he help the homelees guy,The police officer went up to the counter and order an icream then he brought to the homelees guy and he said "This is for you."and the homlees guy said "Thank you."Also the police man sponsured him on the weabsited that had many people help him.Then he became a rigch guy he boought a car that could drive really fast and he also become a very famosue speaker.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Intrepidteacher (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) cogdogblog (5) krutscjo

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