Five Card Story: Back to Basics

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There was trash everywhere. The once packed community park was full now, but not of people. The former grounds that were used for gatherings, playdates, and days spent in the sun were surrounded in discarded trash. As the park rangers looked on towards the community storage facility, they remembered a time where the park was filled with the laughter of children, the chatter of adults, the sounds of dogs barking at each other. So onward they looked, reflecting on the past, while in the distance the hum of electric generators powered their suburban neighborhoods. Powering those who now, chose to stay inside on their electronic devices, the children watching programs of children playing. There was a war going on, but one unlike the world had seen. Unlike wars of past, this one was the meme war. Who could post the quickest, wittiest, most appropriate response in a GIF to another strangers comment? "It's all so meaningless," Kaiden thought suddenly. For the first time, he felt renewed, it was time to get back to basics - time to get back to nature.

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