Five Card Story: One winter day

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The day was something different from my daily lives.I didn't wake up in the warm bed on that morning. When I opened my eyes, I stood nearby the frozen bench. I knew the bench well because..., I can't remember. I felt as if the strange feeling tried to swallow me , so I left the bench as fast as possible.I wandered the town in search for my daily lives. Wherever I passed by, there was no clue for what I had been looking for. I found a little thread bound at fence. I stopped at the fence for a while. It seemed to resemble me in that we both are secluded from daily lives. When I sympathized the miserable thread, one little boy- maybe three or four-year old passed by me without looking at me. The fact was shock to me; little child will show their curiosity to anything surrounding them. He didn't so much as take a glance at me. Although I looked around, I dindn't find his parents. Why didn't he notice him? I spoke to the boy a few meters ahead "Hey, What's up?" The boy didn't notice my voice.Althogh I was greatly embarassed,I tried to forget a series of something terrible by moving.
Although it was very cold day, the sky was fresh and clear. The sun softly beams at people like a shy girl. The little pink roses were in bloom. They seemed little alienate because I thought that they were missionary of spring and far from the sacred winter day. I encountered lots people in the streets,but nobody looked at me. I was like a transparent man,or ghost..., ghost?At the hedge of theharbor, I stopped for a while. Seagulls busily made sounds which prevented me from going mad. The mind was strangely calm. I remembered evrything includind the fact that I died. I closed my eyes and waited silently todisappear.
A boy in the haebor said to his father with surprise,"I saw the man disappear."

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