Five Card Story: Billy the Frog

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On a beautiful spring day there were the Murphy twins out playing in the backyard. They here a little croak, and decide to investigate. They go look all over the yard, and little Sarah goes and looks in their rocks and there the little frog is. Riley the little boy realized how dirty the frog was and wanted to bring him in and clean him up. So both of the kids ran inside to show their parents. They decided they wanted to keep the frog and named it Billy. the kids loved Billy and kept him in a huge tank and fed him plenty. After only one week of having Billy the kids had their first day of kindergarten, so they sneaked billy in their book bag leaving it a little unzipped. Not knowing it before they got on the bus, Billy jumped out. So, the kids got on the bus and went to school. When they got there Billy was gone and they were worried, so they told their teacher. The teacher, not knowing what to do told them to not worry about it, he will be at home when they get home. When they get home they realized something on the road. It was Billy, but he wasn't alive, the kids were so sad that they didn't want to go to school the next day. THE END

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