Five Card Story: Disappearance of the little boy

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So their was a little boy who was walking down the road, and he walked up too a gate. When he looked through the gate he was sickened and so he ran as fast as he could and found the poster of a lost kitten. While trying to forget about what he saw he went off looking for the kitten which led him to a dock.At dock he got close to the end and he found the kitten, when he reached for it he was pulled into the water by someone. He's been missing for 3 days and he finds himself at an abandoned snowy gate, feeling sick and cannot move he starts to cry because he is so cold. Someone comes along and sees the little boy and helps him up and takes him to their house while entering little boy realized when it was too late that the house he is going into the the same house he witnessed that hideous crime. He was scared and had no clue what to do so he started struggling and he didn't get away. The little boy's life was lost because he accidently saw something he shouldn't have and for being so caring to look for the lost kitten.

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