Five Card Story: Louis Sakura in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Louis Sakura was a young boy, 19 years old, lived in a small village called Hayakawa. Hayakawa is a town located in Yamanashi Perfecture, japan. It has the smallest population of any town in Japan, but it is one of the beautiful village in Japan. Louis Sakura's dream is more beautiful than the village itself. He dreamed to become an Architect. Although his parents were not rich, but they thought him how to become a good man. To find his dream , Louis Sakura went to Tokyo one day, he tried to find a job. He only graduate high and he could not find a proper job for himself. He worked as a shopkeeper in a small supermarket. He worked diligently. His master, Mr. Suzuki, liked him very much. Sometimes he gave Louis an extra money. Instead of spending the money, Louis kept the money for saving.nMr. Suzuki has a loyal customer, named Moshi Hara. He wanted to moved to Canada to open a sushi restaurant. He asked Louis to go with him and worked at his restaurant. Mr. Suzuki, allowed Louis to go abroad. Louis worked with Mr. Moshi Hara in this restaurant in Japan Town in Ontario, Canada. Louis worked very hard and save his money for saving. He enjoyed his life. He has many friends whom also worked in Mr. Moshi Hara's restaurant. At night when he has a break time, he went to a cafe with his friends. Louis lived in a small apartment in Japan Town. He has a small garden in his apartment. He grow flowers to remind him about his home town, Hayakawa. During his weekend, he spent his time to watch the builder building a house of construction. Although his dream was become an Architect. He war very satisfied for he had done right now. He worked hard, He learned a lot: how to make sushi, how to handle a restaurant properly, and he saved money. Twenty years pass, Now he has money to open his own sushi restaurant. His restaurant named Hayakawa Sushi Restaurant. He successes with his sushi restaurant. He has a good family, a wife and two children and the lived in a good house.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) tuchodi (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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