Five Card Story: Friends

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So everyday I watch the hit television show 'Friends' on Netflix. The building in the first picture reminds me of the apartment building that the cast lived in within the show. Their building is always displayed as a transition in the show, although the only difference is that there are no palm trees in New York. I know this due to the project we are doing in science where we learn about different types of biomes and how the weather within it, is what determines what is able to grow there. The photo of the children also reminds me of the 'Friends" TV show since I would imagine that they would all be friends since they are in the same class, or hanging out with each other. The first photo, the photo of the children, and the photo of the llama all remind me of the idea of companionship. This is a major theme we are going over in English due to the book we are reading, 'Frankenstein' and within the novel the monster longs for a friend to keep him company. In science, I learned that llama's can die of loneliness, so they are usually seen in pairs. Also, the 'Friends' was about six very close friends who soon became family to one another and the children all have someone to keep them company in the last photo. While reading the book 'Frankenstein', I have come to realize that companionship is pretty important and I cannot imagine not having someone by my side.

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