Five Card Story: Before I knew It

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So I was walking outside My house to get on My
home getting ready to go to this event. The event was about
a celebration of My job promotion. I was super excited. it was a great feeling getting all pumped up for such a special
event like This. so as Im leaving home I hop on My motorcycle. so now Im about to Be on My way now . but All a sudden a car pull up on me out of nowhere and These guys
show up and pull out automatic gun and popped me about 3 times . I scream ouch. tears drop . it really hurted. so after they shot me they picked Me up. and as they were picking
me off the ground They stuck Me with something hard and sharp. and now all a sudden Im feeling pretty dizzy. like Im about to pass out and drop any second now.By the time 30 seconds passes Im out smooth as a baby butt. crazy Right.
so when I wake up Im on a ship but Im inside some place so I dont no exactly where wear I am . But I Do understand Im far away from home I feel So as My head Is still dizzy I can still see just a little. butt Its really really very blurry.
so now It seems that Im about half blind right about now. and
so as Im still on this ship type place . keep in mind Im so scared I cant even cry . Im shivering like Im sleeping in snow for 48 hours. gosh .My insides are screaming like Mariah Carey hitting a c7 high note. Im thinking to Myself this cant Be real This is just a dream. turned out Im out of luck. Because Im not dreaming. this Is real life.

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